Event Planning, Marketing & Managment (Basic to Advance)

Event Planning, Marketing & Managment (Basic to Advance)

Organize and manage all type of th Events on a large and small scale. Base on main four portions Planning, Marketing, Management & Project.

Course Description

Event Planning, Marketing, and Management course

As we all know events have very importance in our lives. Our whole life moves around these events like conferences, exhibitions, fashion shows, marriages, award shows, music events, political meetings, and birthday parties. So these events are being memorable and joyful when these events are well managed as well as organized to make your events memorable. TSF is offering 2 months Event Planning Management Course in Rawalpindi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.

Some researches show that event management has covered the market of more than 600 billion rupees. We may also say that events are now the main source of marketing and public relation channel for brands. Now there is a large number of public and private sectors. Organizations are looking for event experts who can lift the company with the help of event.

The trend of startups and entrepreneurship is massively increasing day by day due to unemployment so you need to learn these skills which are very essential for every startup and entrepreneurship, hence in our Event Management Course, you will learn to manage all types of events on a large or small scale.

This course is based on four main portions:

1. Planning

2. Marketing

3. Management

4. Project

Event Planning Management course:

In Pakistan, more than 200 billion rupees are invested in this industry but there are only a few numbers of companies that are captured in the market. So if you want to accelerate your career it is the best chance to enroll in it. Our courses are best in Event Planning Management course in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi. So hurry up and grab this opportunity!

Now a days, every company is looking for an event expert who can boost the business and public relation. With this course you will be able to plan, market and manage public and corporate events like festivals, meeting, birthdays, festivals, orientations, parties, tours and many more types of events.

The major objective of this event management course is to cover the following modules.

The modules of this course are designed as:

  • Enabling people for planning different events.

  • Arrangements of different events.

  • Learning the ability to apply for sponsorship or incubation.

  • Development of event ecosystem.

  • Networking between like-minded event experts.

The learning outcomes of event planner training course

When you get enrolled in our event management course then you will also learn the planning for different events so a few outcomes of the event planner training course mentioned below:

  • Constructing mock events and testing of personal skills and abilities.

  • Planning an event for profits.

  • Learning the marketing tact.

  • Proposal writing and pitching techniques

  • Leadership and team management

  • Analysis and evaluation of types of events and models

  • Understanding the audience

The best event planner trainings course in Lahore

You will enhance your skills after enrolling in to event planner trainings in Lahore. Students will develop the following skills which are vital for their personal and professional growth:

  • Communication skills.

  • Creating the team working ability

  • Leadership qualities

  • Planning and organization

  • Time management

  • Naming

  • Critical thinking

  • Digital media marketing

  • Creative writing

 We welcome everyone to join this  Event Planning Management course in rawalpindi because TSF are best at providing professional trainings and it is very simple and easy. We warmly welcome Event planners, Business owners, Housewives, Students, and Organizations employees, or anyone who wants to start a business of event management.

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Shahzad Roshan Gillani

Shahzad Roshan Gillani


Shahzad Roshan Gillani is emerging young Public Relations consultant .he is working as media coordinator National Peace council Government of Pakistan on peace making mission. He is a youth activist and promote youth on different platforms because he believes that youth is the future of Pakistan. He Has been PR Advisor to a renown management institute Highlykeen-The management institute & a political party Pakistan Human development party. He has a good experience of event management. He has conducted 100+ events in lahore in collaboration with big organizations.