Freelancing Become Your Own Boss

Freelancing Become Your Own Boss

Do you know what it takes to become a digital entrepreneur?This course will help you to learn different tips and tricks of freelancing in smart way. The purpose of this training will makes you capable to become a successful Freelancer. This course include 8 weeks and 16 lectures and I’ll be covering all the aspects of famous freelancing marketplaces and how you can start online earning as freelancer.


Course Description


If you are a frustrated professional, who is confident of her / his skills but not getting the maximum while in the industry, it is advised to you to start the freelancing. Freelancing is working on a project basis while you are either employed in the industry, seeking a job, or a student, pursuing academic excellence.

Freelancing is like self-employment with the ability to work at your desired timing without any constraints. Freelancing is preferred, nowadays, by people who can’t find a right job due to high saturation in the market. Freelancing has quickly become a norm in the current era and every person, whether employed or unemployed, prefers it for earning additional money. There are dozens of freelancing websites where people can find freelance projects according to their expertise. The freelancer platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork have quickly become the popular platforms to offer freelance projects. The freelancers either bid on the projects or the people looking to get services to find them by the gigs offered by freelancers. Social networking websites like Facebook and Linked have also emerged as the source of freelance projects where people use groups and pages to find the freelancers and allocate their projects to the appropriate people.

TSF is now offering a Freelance course in Rawalpindi that is aimed to provide guidance and training to the new and budding freelancers. The freelance training course is designed specifically for the purpose of offering complete guidance to the freelancers on how to get projects and how to deal with the clients. The tips for project completion and payment handling will also be provided to the trainees.

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Miss Mehr-un-Nisa, has done Bachelors in management studies with specialization is in Marketing from IAS (PU) and working as a digital entrepreneur and freelancer having more than 5 years’ experience. Her areas of expertise are Social Media Management, Marketing Strategy and Creative writing, she is providing her services as a successful freelancer to many small and large business online on Fiverr and upwork and running her own business in printing and packaging industry. Mehr-un-Nisa is believing in formula of life-long learning and improving herself daily.