Fundamentals of Branding, Marketing Communication and Advertising

Fundamentals of Branding, Marketing Communication and Advertising

In this course you will learn a’lot of exciting stuff which includes Understanding Branding, Frame your Strategy, Activate Strategy, Marketing Research, Advertising Foundations and creating Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Strategy

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About the course

Are you familiar with a marketing communication campaign, relation between brand, positioning and an ideal message for the right target audience?

Branding, Marketing Communication and Advertising have always been indispensable and major components of the Marketing plan, no marketing strategy is complete without these elements.

In recent times, with the rise of digital media, the demand of marketing communication and creative managers has increased like never before, advertising agencies as well as companies are welcoming marketing communication and branding experts to join their in-house teams.

It is important to understand the basic of brand, branding, advertising and relation between positioning and ideal message for the target audience.

After these trainings you will not only be able to use  integrated marketing communications (IMC) effectively, but will be able to take the right decisions when it comes to communication and selection of right and relevant mediums and channels of advertising for different products and brands.

About The Author

Zeeshan Javaid

Zeeshan Javaid


An advertising professional with more than 16 years of field experience, marketing communication & brand visibility, TVC productions, media management and customer relationship. Has worked in different national and international mainstream advertising agencies like JWT Pakistan, Walter Pakistan, Manhattan Pakistan, Lemon Art and Art & Design Dubai. A brand communication and execution strategist, concept developer and digital marketing enthusiast. Wrote Jingles, taglines, scripts, radio spots for Pepsi, Slice, Orient Electronics, World Call and developed TVC concepts as well. A creative and out-of-the-box thinker, who has pioneered innovative ideas for different campaigns. Professional Profile • Launched Pepsi Max, Slice juice, Sting energy drink (BTL),, Line app, Good Milk Prisma Pack, Good Milk easy pack, Mini Joose , Qudrat tea whitener, Honda Civic (Turbo Variant), Honda Accord (2019) and Honda BRV (2019). • Communication strategist crafted several communication strategies for multiple brands. • Planned and executed projects and communication activities for different brands. • Worked on Pepsi, Aquafina, Slice Juice, Sting Energy Drink, 7up, Honda Cars, Good Milk, Anytime Juice, Mini Joose, Chaika Tea Whitener, Qudrat Tea Whitener,, Line app, Royal Fans, Syngenta Pakistan (Agri business), Brighto Paints and many other brands. • Currently providing services as and advertising and communication consultant.