Landing Pages & Funnels

Dynamic w/ Testing

$2,400 / page
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  • 2 landing page design iterations
  • 1 multivariate conversion testing iteration
  • Performance test and conversion reporting

Fully Optimized

$3,200 / page
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  • 2 landing page design iterations
  • 3 multivariate conversion testing iterations
  • PPC campaign review

Landing Page Design Services That Improve Your Sales

At TSF, our landing page design services deliver:

  • Professional landing page designs representative of and consistent with your brand
  • Strong, clear, and concise landing page design and copy that entices visitors to convert
  • A carefully crafted landing page that speaks to the particular audience you are targeting, meets your needs and exceeds your expectations

Check out our pricing table below to see what’s included in each of our plans, and to learn more about how custom landing page designs for your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns can drive results for your business.

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The perks of choosing TSF as your landing page designer

Partnering with TSF(and our award-winning team of in-house landing page designers) offers your company a competitive edge. With our landing page designer services, you get a turn-key solution to designing, launching, and improving your landing pages, which translates to more leads, sales, and revenue for your business.


Custom Design

Templates? Forget about ’em. We only create custom landing page designs, tailoring your landing page to your industry, business, and audience. That kind of customization results in sales, leads, and more revenue.


Market Research

A landing page that generates leads, sales, and revenue starts with in-depth market research. We learn about your ideal buyer, your market, and your products or services to design an attractive, easy-to-use, and fast landing page.


CRO Testing

Earning the best ROI from your landing page demands continuous testing. From testing copy to colors, our landing page design services take care of everything, helping your business maximize its sign-ups, phone calls, and sales.

Get all the advantages of professional landing page design services

Choosing our professional landing page design services provides your team with several benefits:

  • Get a custom conversion strategy and design for every landing page
  • Work with a dedicated account manager
  • Launch responsive landing pages for mobile, desktop, and tablet users
  • Have conversion tracking codes for all your landing pages set up for you
  • Track calls generated by your landing pages in one convenient place, MarketingCloudFX
  • Integrate leads forms and databases
  • And more

With TSF, you receive a complete solution to landing pages.

Our design, development, and digital marketing teams collaborate to design an attractive, on-brand landing page that provides a user-friendly experience, A-plus copy, and conversions. Plus, your dedicated account manager makes sure all your questions and messages get answered fast.

That’s why our client recommendation score beats the industry average by almost 500%.

Landing Page Design Service Pricing

View pricing for our landing page design services. Or, contact us online for a custom quote from our landing page design company.

FeaturesDynamic w/ TestingFully Optimized
Fully Responsive Design Across All Devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
Online project management scheduling
Dedicated account representative
Market research
Conversion strategy
Conversion best practices documentation
2 hours coaching on strategy implementation
Development of unique selling position
Landing page design
2 Iterations2 Iterations
Landing page programming/build
1 Iteration3 Iterations
Multivariate conversion testing
1 Iteration3 Iterations
By QuoteBy Quote
User testing
Setup of auto responders
PPC campaign review
Flash/jQuery interactive calls to action
Conversion path implementation
Lead forms integrated into CRM (ex.
Performance test reporting
Conversion reporting
300+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Database integration
By QuoteBy Quote
Video creation & implementation
By QuoteBy Quote
Time frame
7 weeks10 to 14 weeks

What is PPC?

Before we dive into detail about landing pages, let’s quickly cover the basics on PPC. PPC is a paid advertising strategy that allows you to reach valuable leads that are interested in your business. These ads appear at the top of the search results, above the organic listings.

PPC ads are great for attracting valuable leads that are interested in your business.

To start using PPC ads, you must first select keywords for your page. These keywords will trigger your ad to appear in relevant search results. You’ll want to stick to long-tail keywords, which contain three or more words, as these drive more qualified leads to your page.

seo and online advertising increase site traffic, ppc landing pages help convert

Once you select your keywords, you will bid for your ad’s placement. You will set your maximum bid, which is the amount you’re willing to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. This amount is flexible and can be changed at any time.

Your maximum bid and quality score will determine your ad’s placement. Once you have your placement, you will launch your campaign.

PPC ads aren’t restricted to just Google. You can run PPC-like ads on social media, too. These ads appear in a social media user’s newsfeed. It’s a great way to reach new leads for your business.

Social media ads seamlessly integrate into people’s newsfeeds. With both PPC and social media ads, you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This means that your money is going towards valuable leads interested in your products or services.

We’ll dive into more detail about these landing pages later. For now, let’s look at why it’s important that you create a landing page for your PPC and social media ads.

example of social media ad

Why do I need landing pages for PPC campaigns?

target engage convert funnel

Implementing search engine optimization and online advertising to increase your site’s traffic is one thing. Converting traffic into sales is another. That’s where landing page design services for PPC comes into play.

Landing pages convince your visitor to stay and perform a specific action, such as purchasing a product or posting your page in online communities for others to view. Instead of directing visitors to your homepage where they may not know what to do next, you can send them to a highly targeted landing page that moves them into the next step in your sales funnel.

With professional landing page design services, your company will enjoy increased business, a reduced bounce rate, and other benefits.

How landing pages guide your audience

To illustrate this further, you can also think about landing pages in terms of continuity. Let’s say you own a luxury pet care business, and you’re currently running a Google Ads campaign targeting search terms related to dog walking services.

Without a landing page, potential customers who clicked on the ad looking for more information about your dog walking service will end up on your homepage. Because you offer hundreds of different pet care services and products for a range of different animals, the customer then has to figure out how to navigate to the section of your website related to your dog walking services.

This is already too much effort for most people, and it results in very low conversion rates.

With a custom landing page design, you could set up a page that’s all about your dog walking service. When a potential customer clicks on your ad, you can direct them to this specialized page instead of your homepage. They’re immediately met with information, pricing, and so on relating to your dog walking service, and they’ll be that much more likely to continue with the purchase.

shipping ppc ad
shipping ppc landing page

Humans favor consistency, and landing pages are perhaps the best way to accomplish this. Ultimately, you’re minimizing disruptions and distractions, and streamlining your sales funnel.

How landing pages help you provide a better experience

Landing pages also allow for much more organized, accessible data. If you’re just funneling all traffic to your homepage, it’s going to be hard or impossible to optimize for better user metrics.

Making one single change on your homepage affects everyone who lands on it, so even if you bump up the conversion rate for a specific demographic, you may be adversely affected the conversion rate for other demographics.

Landing pages act as partitions, and they let you optimize specific and exactly for a range of different traffic types. Professional landing page design services from TSF can help you create natural partitions that work with your site seamlessly.

How much does a custom landing page design cost?

The price for a landing page, as well as a custom landing page design, varies.

A single landing page price is impacted by the amount of content, testing, development, and optimization that goes into it. A simple PPC landing page may not cost very much at all, while a complex social media landing page with special effects or strong calls to action may require a larger investment.

When you hire a landing page design company, the cost can range from $1,400 to $3,200, depending upon the extent of the design and optimization. If you have a more intricate landing page idea, you can expect to pay more for it.

You can find all the information you need on landing page cost, and TSF’s social media and PPC landing page pricing, by referring to the chart above.

The 2 types of landing pages

Visitors arrive at your landing pages in two main ways: through social media (like Facebook Pages, Twitter, and so on) or via PPC advertising. Each method determines the goal of the landing pages. Read on to learn about the factors that impact the landing page design price for each of these options.

  • PPC landing pages

    These landing pages are the deal-closers of your online ads or PPC campaigns. Each PPC ad campaign requires a specific landing page, tailored and tested to convert a strictly-defined group of visitors. The landing page is your first and best chance to turn a visitor from a PPC campaign into a customer.

    Using Google’s Website Optimizer tool, TSF can experiment with different versions of your landing page as easily as different ad creatives in your PPC campaign. We consistently test to find the version that converts the most visitors, modifying PPC landing page templates to make sure you have one that’s tailored to your business.

    Landing pages not only convert customers, they also indicate how well your marketing campaign is performing. By tracking how many conversions take place from the unique landing pages, you know if your Internet marketing campaign is a success or needs some adjusting.

    To ensure your custom landing pages are accurate measures of your campaign, they should not be accessible through any other means than the original source, whether that be an email, online banner ads, search engine listings, and more. Unlike the other pages in your site, landing pages should not be indexable by search engines.

  • Social media landing pages

    These landing pages are designed to go viral in online communities, such as Twitter or Facebook. It could be an interesting blog post, a comprehensive list of resources, or breaking industry news that gets people talking and drives traffic to your site. The best landing page designs will funnel traffic to your site for months, or even years, after they’re created.

    successful social media landing pages include content, advertisement, and imagery

    Successful social media landing pages contain three important elements, including interesting content, relevance, and usefulness. Those that are missing one of these elements require a landing page redesign.

    The most bookmarked social media landing pages contain tools that can be referenced later. Social media users never want to lose track of a tool that can improve their lives. Users will be more likely to bookmark and promote a page offering useful content.

    The design of social media landing pages differs than the design of traditional PPC landing pages because the goals are different. The intent is not to convert to a sale but convert a visitor into an advocate of your site.

    By posting your social media landing pages for others to view and ultimately share with others, your site is now being linked and relinked, a key to increasing your visitor traffic.

    Unlike PPC landing pages, social media landing pages need to be keyword-specific and link to other pages within your site. The more indexable they are, the more others will find the landing pages and bookmark or share with others.

    TSF delivers custom landing page designs that convert. Colors, graphics, content layout, and more are considered with our landing page design services. We know the best practices, trends, and user intentions to give you landing pages that close the deal.

Landing page design: Your last first impression

Like all other online marketing initiatives, landing pages have a big job to perform and only split seconds to do it. Landing pages need to quickly establish who your company is, how credible your offer or content is, and how to take advantage of that offer or share the content with others. The design of landing pages is the deal closer of your online ad or the catalyst for online buzz about your company.

If your design is not focused enough, visitors will abandon your landing pages. Savvy internet users don’t have the time to figure out if you’re trustworthy. Based on landing page design alone, they will determine that instantly.

Visitors also don’t have the time to make sure they’re on the right page. If your landing pages don’t complement your online ad creatives or don’t match the page content, visitors won’t stick around.

Your landing page design and marketing copy needs to be strong, clear, and concise to entice your visitors to convert. The design of your landing pages needs to be professional, representative of your brand, and mirror the design of the specific offer or relevant content. All of the best-designed landing pages include these elements and more to achieve success.

Get the best landing page design services

A custom landing page will take your campaign to new heights. At TSF, we have a team of more than 200 experts that will help you create the perfect landing page for your business. With over 20 years of experience, you can rely on our knowledge and expertise to drive success for your business.